Alfa Romeo GTV6


1983 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Alfa Romeo GTV6


Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV (series 116) was produced in the years 1974-1987 on the basis of a sedan of the same model line. To this day, the two-door four-seater coupe amazes by featuring a specific design by Giorgetto Guigaro, from the Italdesign studio, with clear references to the design of the Montreal model. The coupe began production together with the sedan and the first engine was the atmospheric four-cylinder DOHC 1.8L. Simultaneously, the model of the previous 105 series was produced for another year. At the end of the production of the 105 series, the 1.8L engine was not available and was replaced by an atmospheric 1.6L engine for the GT version and 2L for the GTV version. In 1979, the model underwent a slight modernization, but more important was the work of the brand's modification company Autodelta, which fitted the 2L unit with a turbocharger. A total of 400 of these vehicles, called the Alfetta 2000 Turbodelta, were produced for the purpose of homologating the car in Group 4. With the KKK turbocharger, the power of the production engine was increased from 130 hp to 150 hp and making it the first mass-produced Italian car equipped with a turbocharger. In addition to engine modifications, Autodelta also played with the chassis.

For 1980, the car received a facelift, which moved it to a more well-known form of the latest models in this series. At first glance, new plastic bumpers were visible at the front and rear, replacing the original chrome ones, as well as taillights, which were newly in one piece. The nickname Alfetta was dropped from the model name and itl was given the simpler designation GTV, as the version of the Alfetta GT with an atmospheric 1.6L did not get a successor, so the only engine was the 2L. Also new were the 15" alloy wheels in a typical design, which replaced the original standard 14" sheet metal rims as well as the additional 14" alloy rims.

A more important step in 1980, however, was the addition of a 2.5L six-cylinder engine (160 hp) under the hood of the GTV. The engine originally came from a luxury Alfa Romeo 6 sedan, but there, it showed frequent starting problems due to a complex carburetor system. However, for the GTV6, as it was named, as well as for the inovated Alfa Romeo 6, the Bosch L-Jetronic injection system was installed, which eliminated these problems. The result was a very positive reception of the car not only by the journalistic public, but, due to its character, the car was liked by almost everyone who had a most basic interest in cars. The engine from the Busso family has been praised for its beautiful sound and plenty of power. The fact, that it was a successful basis for a race car for both circuit and rally use, is proved by the results achieved in the classes of less modified cars, which clearly showed, how high-quality car it was in the series.


Our Alfa Romeo GTV6 is in exceptional condition. The car was completely overhauled in our Rallied & Raced facility, equipped with new chassis parts, bushings, pins, bearings and shock absorbers - all original from Alfa Romeo. The car has new NTM cast wheels and new springs, that reduced its ground clearance.


  • VIN - ZAR116C0000010202


  • Vehicle registration (IT & CZ)
  • Original warranty booklet (incl. engine and paint warranty)
  • Service booklet (not filled out)
  • Operations manual
  • GTV catalogue
  • Autoclub Storico Italiano Card
  • NTM wheels order
  • Wheel alignment documents
Year of production1983 Mileage93,000 km