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About Us

About Us

Company invelt s.r.o. is primarily focusing on BMW, MINI and ALPINA sales and aftersales services. Thanks to the passion of its owner, Mr. Jiří Jirovec, a collection of rallied, raced and classic cars was slowly created. The collection was, in the beginning, primarily oriented on BMW cars, but as the time passed, it started to acquire more and more cars from another brands.

Because the collection grew over time, and so did the needs for its maintenance, the Rallied & Raced professional facility was created. The goal is to not only create a collection of classic racecars with a history, but to include road cars as well. Thanks to our facility, which provides car and maintenance of the collection, these services are also available to our customers.

We offer some of our cars for sale, and furthermore we are able to provide our aftersale services to the new owners of our cars, thanks to our extensive knowledge and skills. You can learn more information about our collection and our cars for sale in the respective chapters.

We wish you a happy reading and, if you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us.

Ing. Jiří Jirovec
CEO, invelt s.r.o.

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