BMW M3 (E36) Cabrio


1997 BMW M3 (E36) Cabrio

BMW M3 (E36) Cabrio


The BMW M3 generation E36 was introduced in 1992 at the Paris Motor Show with a 3L engine, internally known as the S50, initially in a coupe version - the sedan and convertible body types were not added until two years later. The same goes for the American specifications of this model. Interestingly, the second generation M3 was not to be offered at all in America, as the sales of the first E30 M3 did not even reach 5,000 units, and, at the time of the launch of the E36, the offered E34 M5 did not break sales records either. This created the assumption, that Division M derivatives did not have adequate sales potential on the US soil. However, the E36 was so attractive, that the club of owners and supporters of the brand put enough pressure on the American importer to offer this generation on the local market as well. However, due to the higher pressure on the price, this was not possible without concessions in the field of technical finesse. Even the variant with the 3L engine was offered in the USA only as a coupe - the convertible and sedan came to the USA only with the modernization of the model. On the other hand, the cars there were also available with an automatic transmission.

A special Canadian version of this model did not exist until the modernization - the European version of the 3L (approved in the UK, which also meant approval in the Canada) was used, supplemented by legislative requirements. 3L version was also created in several limited versions - the most famous is, undoubtedly, the American Lightweight in a typical white color with checkered flag-style stickers (126 units). Furthermore, there were editions M3 GT (350 units), M3 GT Individual for the UK market (50 units), M3-R for the Australian market (15 units) and two “road-legal” units of the ultimate M3 GTR.

For the 1996 model year, some three years after the model's premiere, an evolutionary variant was introduced in Frankfurt in 1995. At that time, the modifications primarily affected the propulsion system. New was the engine, with an increased volume to 3.2L, but also a six-speed transmission, or, later, SMG sequential transmission. As in the case of the 3L, the cars were created on a standard production line in Regensburg. For the UK market, the models after modernization are referred to as Evolution with reference to the practice of E30 M3, however this designation is not official.

As previously indicated, a total of 70,676 M3 E36s were produced - a significant difference from the 16,584 of E30s. Most cars produced were coupes (46,169 - 3L: 25,414; 3.2L: 20,755), then convertibles (12,414 - 3L: 2,275; 3.2L: 10,139) and closely behind them sedans (12,043 - 3L: 1,303; 3.2L: 10,740).


Our car is one of 1,763 produced M3 E36 convertibles designed for the European market with left-hand drive and 3.2L engine. It has a six-speed manual transmission and is available in Estoril Blue, which appeared only on cars with a 3.2L engine. The car was purchased in the Netherlands, has one previous owner and comes with all of the NL and CZ documentation. The interior is made of white Nappa leather and the rims are original polished M3. The car is in its original condition and completely driveable. In addition to the soft top, it also has an original attachable hardtop in the color of the car.


  • VIN - WBSBK91010EX45776
  • Engine number - 60031415
  • Transmission number - 0007259AGU
  • Color - Estoril Blue Metallic
  • Interior - Walknappa, White
  • Market - EUR


  • 0243 – Front airbags
  • 0380 – Hardtop preparation
  • 0391 – Softtop dark blue
  • 0399 – Softtop operation, fully automatic
  • 0431 – Interior rear view mirror with automatic dimming
  • 0441 – Smokers package
  • 0494 – Heated front seats
  • 0502 – Headlight washer systém
  • 0510 – Headlight vertical aim control
  • 0687 – Radio Preparation
  • 0863 – Europe Dealer Directory
  • 0886 – Dutch On-board Documentation
Year of production1997 Mileage104,000 km