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1970 Chverolet Chevelle SS 396

Chverolet Chevelle SS 396
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The Malibu/Chevelle series was perhaps Chevrolet's most successful line at the time, as it included a family of models of different body variants (Coupé, Sedan, Kombi, Cabriolet, El Camino - pickup). In total, three generations of Chevelles were created in the period 1963-1975. Of course, the most popular of the entire model line, not meant by the optics of sales of course, was the coupé.

The car, we introduce here, is the second generation Chevelle SS 396 - it was manufactured in the years 1968-1972. In the 1970 model year, the interior and exterior of the car were modernized. The SS 396 model, built on a version called the Malibu Sport Coupé, included a 6.5L Big Block V8 engine with 350 hp, which was commercially called the Turbo-Jet 396 V8. The chassis was also developed especially for this model, the hood (commercially called Power Dome) was different and the front mask was painted black. The wheels were also special, as was the elastic belt of the rear bumper with the SS (Super Sport) logos. The SS designation was finally placed on the radiator grille and further on the front fenders, where it was supplemented by a three-digit motorization designation. These were two and three, respectively, for the SS. The most powerful variant was the 454, which had two power alternations - 360 hp and 450 hp. The second choice was 396, again available in two performance variants - 350 hp and 375 hp. For all power variants, except for the most powerful 454, it was possible to order the COWL Induction system, which was the air intake protruding from the hood and facing backwards. Thus, cold air intake was achieved at the point of overpressure in front of the windscreen, which resulted in a small increase in performance. Only Big Block engines were available for the SS model, but this was violated with the arrival of the new emission standard in California in 1972, and Small Block engines were supplied to the market under the SS name.

There were three types of gearboxes to choose from. The basic option was a three-speed manual, a four-speed manual was available at an additional cost, and the list also included a three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic 400 automatic gearbox. The advantage of the 396 variant with 350 hp was the option of additional air conditioning - stronger units did not offer this option for technical reasons. The vehicle of course has a ladder frame with a solid rear axle. For the SS version, it was reinforced and attached to the frame with 12 screws, the other variants had 10 screws. Also, a brake booster and power steering were available. The wheels were fitted as standard with a size of 14", the tires had a diagonal construction.

A common problem of all Chevelles today is, that they were originally made with a weaker engine, fitted with a stronger one and are now sold as official stronger variants. These cars are practically worthless after the discovery of swapping, so it is better to look for a car with a clearly declared history, preferably including the production label and a list.

Although the volume and performance of the engine claim the opposite, driving a Chevelle SS is not about speed or sports. It is more about stimulating your senses. Wonderful sound, spacious stylish cabin and the feeling that one really controls that pile of beautiful iron - it must be experienced!


Finding a nicer and more original Chevelle SS, which would have all the documentation (incl. from the original production) and, at the same time, meet the requirement of "matching numbers", will probably be a superhuman act. The car is absolutely rust-free, in completely original condition and with a very low mileage. The first owner bought the car from a Thorton Chevrolet dealer in Litha Springs, Georgia. On February 2, 1970, he left his original Camaro there and drove off with a new Chevelle SS, which he continued to own for 10 years.

Another owner then parked the car in the barn, where it stood for, at least, another 11 years. Thanks to that, everything has been incredibly preserved, including the completely original interior. After rescuing it from the barn, the car underwent an engine renovation (now up to 400 hp), overhaul of the original Turbo 400 transmission and was fitted with newer exhaust system while equipping it with the original tailpipes.

The car was brought to the Czech Republic in April 2016. In the Rallied & Raced facility, it then underwent further modifications, which brought him into a condition for an everyday use. The car starts briskly - even in cold weather - has a wonderful sound and gives the opportunity to experience, how good old America tasted. The car is on veteran number plates and is in, technically and visually, absolutely perfect condition.


  • VIN - 136370A112595


  • A01 – Soft Ray Tinted Glass in All Windows
  • A51 – Strato-Bucket Seats
  • AS1 – Standard Shoulder Harness
  • B22 – Door Inner Panel Molding SS
  • B96 – Wheel Opening Molding
  • C08 – Vinyl Roof Cover
  • C60 – Deluxe Air Conditioning
  • D55 – Front Compartment Console
  • F41 – Special Performance Front & Rear Suspension
  • G94 – Rear Axle with 3.31:1 Ratio
  • J50 – Power Brakes
  • JL2 – Front Disc Brakes
  • L34 – V8 engine with 396 CI, Hi Performance
  • M40 – Turbo Hydro-Matic Transmission, TH400
  • N40 – Power Steering
  • PL4 – F70-14-B Pr White Letter Tires
  • U27 – Glove Compartment Lamp
  • U63 – Push-Button Control Radio
  • U76 – Windshield Antenna
  • ZL3 – SS 396 Conversion


  • Request to test a historic vehicle
  • Customs documentation
  • Various US Certificates of title
  • Auction documentation
  • Notes from previous owners
  • Parts invoices (1st owner)
  • Old colored photos of the car from USA (some with commentary)
  • Historical CNA Insurance
  • Chevrolet owners manual & owner protection plan
  • Chevrolet original production list (with original envelope) & delivery list

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Year of production1970 Mileage127,000 km