Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

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2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
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The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the successor to the 599 GTB Fiorano and has received a new generation of V12 engines with a capacity of 6.3L and 740 hp. It reached a maximum speed of 340 km/h and a speed of 200 km/h in 8.5 seconds. Unlike the parallel-produced FF, the F12 remained true to rear-wheel drive. The Berlinetta has a 7-speed automatic transmission with lightning-fast paddle shifting under the steering wheel. The transmission is located at the rear axle (transaxle) for ideal weight distribution.

The design of the car is styled more in the style of GT, but the performance itself and the tuning of the chassis and steering suggest that they are just mimicry. At one time, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta set the fastest time on the Ferrari factory circuit in Fiorano among all previous Ferrari production.

In addition to Ferrari's home design studio, Pininfarina Studio, a traditional supplier of sketches for Ferrari, also took part in the look. The coefficient of air resistance is 0.29 and the "Aero Bridge" element between the hood and the fender, which uses the hood to generate the downforce, is also interesting. Compared to the 599 GTB, the downforce of the car has almost doubled, the body's torsional rigidity is a fifth higher, the car's center of gravity is also slightly closer to the road, and is about 70 kg lighter (a total of 12 different aluminum alloys).

The interior of the car honors the path set by the 458 Italia model, where all elements are directed towards the driver. There is also a Manettino, E-diff or F1-trac driving mode selector. The cooling of the carbon-ceramic brakes is adaptive with a damper, so cooling only takes place when necessary. The car's shock absorbers are, of course, magnetorheological and adjustable to preset modes. The engine intake passes through the car's cabin for better sound. Due to the sound and better aspiration of the atmospheric twelve-cylinder, resonators were added. The car's ignition can handle up to 4 sparks during engine compression, and the spark plugs serve as a sensor for proper combustion thanks to the ionization of the air in the combustion chamber.

The production capacity was a maximum of 8 V12 models per day. Production of the model ended in 2017.


Our Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was originally delivered to Germany and has full onboard documentation. In 2017, the exterior paint was covered by ceramic protection layer., Furthermore, the car had the front hood, front bumper and front fenders painted because of small cracks because of flying rocks on highways. After painting, all the exposed part were covered by transparent protecting wrap to prevent recurring damage. The car is equipped with brand new tyres and is serviced only by Scuderia Prague. Technically and visualy in perfect condition.


  • VIN - ZFF74UHB000194947
  • Color - Rosso Berlinetta
  • Interior - Cuoio Leather


  • AFS1 - Adjustable headlights
  • ALBC - Alcantara carpet design in the trunk
  • CALR - Red brake calipers
  • CFG1 - Front grille in chrome design
  • CISK - Side skirts in carbon design
  • CITP - Cupholders in carbon lining
  • CRS1 - Cruise control
  • DATR - Dashboard with carbon trim
  • ELEV - Front height-adjustable suspension
  • EMPH - Embroidered horse on headrests
  • EMR1 - Side mirrors in a sport design
  • HAW1 - Heat insulated windscreen
  • LEAF - Seats with quilted leaf pattern
  • LEDS - LED indicator on the steering wheel
  • LOGO - Scuderia Ferrari emblems on the fenders
  • MIR2 - Interior and exterior mirrors automatically dimmable
  • PAC1 - Rear parking camera
  • PAC2 - Front parking camera
  • PEXS - Sports side skirt trim
  • PIP4 - Interior trim strips in silver
  • PNTE - Special body paint
  • RSFE - Fully electric seat control
  • SHF5 - Alcantara partition plate design
  • SNDB - HiFi Premium system JBL
  • STC1 - Contrasting stitching in color on request (Grigio Chiaro)
  • TPM0 - Tire pressure check

  • Interior cover
  • Battery charger
  • Two Ferrari bags for the rear bench
  • Two keys incl. radio code card data


  • User manual
  • Warranty booklet
  • Service book
Year of production2013