Ford Escort RS Cosworth Gr.A

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1993 Ford Escort RS Cosworth Gr.A

Ford Escort RS Cosworth Gr.A
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In 1993, Ford Motorsport selected three crews to fight at the Swedish Rally - Malcolm Wilson, Sebastian Lindholm and Michael Ericsson. At that time, 1,432 km and 28 special stages awaited the crews. Malcolm Wilson rode in Michelin Pilot livery with starting number 11 and prepared the car in his Malcolm Wilson Motorsport team. At the time, there was a shortage of chassis, so instead of the traditional Ford Motorsport manufacturer, Boreham, Gartrac was approached, which produced a total of four bodies, three of which were left-hand drive. Wilson, along with co-driver Bryan Thomas, led after SS2, but then a mistake came in the SS3 - Malcolm Wilson flew off the track and damaged the right rear part of his car so that he could no longer continue the race.

After the repair, the car was still used as a showcar at various events. At the end of 1993, however, it returned to the rally stages, when Robbie Head started with it at the Manx Rally, where he finished 3rd overall, and at the Network Q RAC Rally, where it was unfortunately damaged and was sold off. The car was then used somewhere in Indonesia. It reappeared after a long time, when it was found by a Finnish collector and rally enthusiast Jukka Metsälä in Estonia, where it arrived from Kuwait, where it was in a rather poor state after the accident. Jukka did not know, what the car was at first, and he began renovating it. During the process, however, the origin of the car began to be revealed.

After years of hard work, the car is in the condition it was in before the Swedish Rally 1993. Malcolm Wilson himself learned about the car from track commissioner Kai Tarkiainen during Neste Rally Finland 2016. After inspecting, that it was indeed his first Escort Gr.A, he had it displayed in the service zone. At the same time, he gave the car a certificate of authenticity, that it really is his car from Sweden in 1993. The car has been part of our collection since April 2018.

Year of production1993