Ford Focus WRC V3 FMC

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2000 Ford Focus WRC V3 FMC

Ford Focus WRC V3 FMC
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This car with registration number V3 FMC was used in five WRC races in 2000 by Colin McRae and took 3rd place in Sweden and 2nd place in New Zealand, while he resigned, due to problems with engine, in the remaining events - Portugal, Argentina and Australia. At the Swedish Rally 2001, François Delecour used this car to win 5th place. The car was then used by Ford Spain in 2001-2002, where Txus Jaio won with it the Spanish gravel rally championship in 2002 and at the same time completed the RAC rally twice. In the years 2003-2007, the car was used by Ford Turkey before Tommy Anderson added it to its Focus collection, from whom this Focus was acquired by our company. The car is perfectly preserved and wears the livery of Colin Mcrae from the Swedish Rally 2000.

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Year of production2000