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2008 Nissan GT-R Rally

Nissan GT-R Rally
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Our Nissan was the first LHD GT-R on the European continent. This is one of the first pieces that were transported to the USA, from where it traveled directly to the Czech Republic. Here, after a while of driving in standard form, it was rebuilt into the specification for the open cup in the Czech Rally Championship.

The ECU remained the same, as did the whole crank mechanism. However, larger aftermarket injectors, different regulation of the original turbos and different wastegates were equipped. After optimizing the engine mapping, the performance increased from the original 480 hp to approximately 700 hp. The HKS controller, which cooperates with the ECU, is used to switch motor maps. The standard exhaust was replaced by a catback and manifold from 5Zigen. The classic filter box was thrown out and in its place was fitted an open variant with a cone filter.

The original body had to go on a diet. The diet consisted of drilling excess metal parts and the installation of the frame by Václav Najman, which is fully in accordance with Annex J of the international FIA regulations and based on the WRC Group concept. Then, except for the rear fenders and load-bearing parts, all body panels were replaced with carbon parts, including the side doors and the roof - these carbon parts have been custom developed specifically for our car. The fuel tank remained standard and Kevlar underbody shield was attached to the chassis to protect the car's powertrain. Thanks to this massive diet, the weight dropped to 1,530 kg, which is a value similar to the Gr.N cars (Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer).

In the interior, in addition to the absence of all comfort elements, the paddle shifting under the steering wheel was installed. These paddles were, again, developed specifically for our car. However, the shifting system itself has been retained, as it is a reliable solution. The car's transmission has undergone changes in an effort to increase its durability. The main shaft, the first gear wheel and the clutch of the dual-clutch solution were thus replaced.

The original seats were replaced by a carbon bucket seats, where one seat weighs about 2.7 kg. The standard steering wheel has been replaced by a three-spoke racing wheel with LED rev-limiter indicator. The necessary roof air intake has been added as the standard windows have been replaced by fixed polycarbonate covers. The car was also equipped with a racing fire extinguishing system.

The increase in power had to be taken into account in adjustments to the suspension, brakes and shock absorbers. The standard rubber bushings have been replaced by racing fixed uniballs, the brake system comes from the Alcon, using discs and pads from the same manufacturer. The front discs have dimensions of 400x36 mm, the rear 385x33 mm. The standard rims were replaced by a Braid variant due to the possibility of fitting wider tires. The front rims measure 20x10.5, the rear rims 20x11.5. The original anti-roll bars were replaced by a variant from the company Stillen and the shock absorbers bear the Penske brand.

Our GT-R was probably the most powerful car regularly starting in Rally in the Czech Republic, but it was more of a car built for the pleasure of the owner than an absolute victory - compared to regular racing rally cars, it has many imperfections, especially in the chassis and its ability to cope with potholes and broken Czech stages, which is mainly due to the concept based on the production car. After two seasons in the open cup and several podium places, including two absolute victories, the car was used in local hillclimb races. Today, it is part of our collection.

Year of production2008