Porsche 911 (964) Turbo 3.3

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1991 Porsche 911 (964) Turbo 3.3

Porsche 911 (964) Turbo 3.3
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The Porsche 911 (964) is the penultimate generation with an air-cooled engine. In terms of design and technology, it is a significant continuation of the previous version, the 930 generation, and differs mainly by fully integrated bumpers, but the period literature shows up to 85% difference from the 930. This variant also offered the Tiptronic sports automatic transmission or all-wheel drive for the first time. The 964 generation was produced at a time, when Porsche was not entirely successful, yet today, thanks to a combination of purist design and modern technology, it is increasingly valued. The first sketches of the 964 saw the light of day in 1986, but series production did not begin until 1989, and with a total of 62,000 units produced (across all designs), it was replaced by the 993 generation in 1994. 964 was also the last generation offered in the popular body variant of the targa with a removable roof panel for a long time (until 2011).

Relatively large changes compared to its predecessor took place on the car's chassis, when the torsion bars replaced the standard coil springs and shock absorbers (McPherson at the front, twist-beam at the rear). Compared to the 930, ABS and power steering have been added to the standard equipment. Also new was the electrically operated rear bonnet spoiler cover, which moved automatically at 80 km/h, as well as a pair of airbags, automatic air conditioning and a central diagnostic system to warn the driver of any faults.

The basic engine of the Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 variants, marked according to the number of driven wheels, was now traditionally a six-cylinder boxer with a volume of 3.6L and an output of 247 hp. The production of the model was based on three body variants - a coupe, a convertible and the aforementioned targa. The convertible was also offered as the Speedster (1989 and 1994), an homage to the Porsche 365. The 964 was traditionally available in several model variants - from limited and lightweight RS to the already established Turbo.

Production of the Turbo began in March 1990, but due to lack of time to develop a turbocharged version of the new M64 3.6L engine, it initially had a 3.3L engine from its 930 generation predecessor. The engine was obviously revised to eliminate turbo lag and to increase smoothness and performance to the final 320 hp. In 1992, the Turbo 3.3 S variant was introduced - thanks to larger injectors, boost pressure and sharper cams, the power increased to 381 hp. However, only 86 units of this variant were produced, which is only a handful compared to the 3,660 units of the standard Turbo 3.3. It was not until 1993 that the turbocharged version of the M64 engine with 360 hp came into play, but due to the preparation of the 993 generation, it remained in production for only one year, and, in Zuffenhausen, only less than 1,500 units were produced. After the arrival of the 993 generation, Porsche had 90 Turbo bodyworks left. These were used and sold as a Porsche Exclusive with the model designation Turbo 3.6 S. Power was increased to 385 hp, torque remained at 520 Nm as with the Turbo 3.6 variant. These cars could be ordered either in the standard 964 design, or those interested could pay extra for the design with a slant nose (Flachbau).


Our car was originally exported to Japan. However, this is a left-hand drive (LHD) variant of the German specification, as these designs were perceived in Japan as more luxurious goods. Its condition is absolutely exceptional, both inside and outside, and the documentation for the car is absolutely exemplary.


  • VIN - WP0ZZZ96ZNS470236
  • Engine type and number - M30/69, 61N00916
  • Transmission type and number - A5052, 2001096
  • Color - Amazon Green Metallic (N7)
  • Interior - Carraragrey Leather (MB/D13)


  • 130 C - English labels
  • 193 C - Japan model
  • 220 T - Limited-slip differential
  • 231 C - Bridgestone/Michelin/Pirelli/Yokohama
  • 288 V - Headlight cleaning system
  • 403 T - Aluminium Cup rims (17")
  • 423 T - Cassette/coin holder
  • 425 T - Rear window wiper
  • 434 C - Operations manual for overseas vehicles
  • 437 T - Electrically adjustable comfort seat left
  • 438 T - Electrically adjustable comfort seat right
  • 441 T - Radio preparation
  • 481 T - 5-speed manual transmission
  • 490 T - Sound package
  • 492 C - Headlights for left-hand traffic
  • 494 T - Additional amplifier
  • 562 V - Front airbags
  • 567 - Green graduated tinted front windscreen
  • 573 V - Air conditioning
  • 605 V - Headlight angle adjustment
  • 650 - Electric sunroof
  • 659 T - On-board computer
  • 685 T - Split rear seat
  • 912 C - Without European ID plate
  • 930 T - Rear seat covers LLL
  • 975 T - Luggage compartment velour carpet
  • 981 T - Leather interior (without seat covers)
  • 983 T - Front seat covers LLL


  • Certificate of Authencity Porsche Japan
  • Warranty book - Mizwa Porsche
  • JPN+CH export documents
  • JPN radiation certificate
  • Operations and maitenance manuals
  • Original Porsche leather book cover
  • Porsche Production list
  • Service invoices

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Year of production1991 Mileage64,000 km