1986 BMW M635CSi



The M635CSi is a model modified by the BMW Motorsport division based on the standard version of the 6 Series (E24) produced in 1976-1989. A total of only 86,000 "basic" sixes were created in this range, and only a real handful of M635CSi (5,855 units of all CSi/M6 variants). The designer of the series was Paul Bracq, and the combination of his elegant and timeless design with honest German technology is still stunning. Introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show and built on the same line as other E24 cars, the M635CSi shares the vast majority of body parts with conventional models.

The M6 car was for the American and Japanese markets. The Japanese variant was basically based on the European specification with a catalytic converter - it even had a steering wheel on the left, which is linked to the Japanese custom of perceiving exclusivity. A total of 164 units of Japanese specifications with the designation M6 were produced, 116 units from this series were made after the facelift. The specialty of these cars are the black tailpipes modeled on the M5 (E28).

The American design, on the other hand, is more visually distinct. The rear wing was a unique element for the M6 on the local market - the other E24 did not have it. The difference, of course, was mostly in the bumpers, which had to comply with regulations - these were later unified with the rest of the model line after the facelift. Both the American and Japanese versions had standard mounted one-piece spoke 16" wheels. All American specification cars had a chrome outdoor package, without Shadowline. As usual, cars for the American market rely on richer basic equipment instead of more advanced technology - electrically operated leather sports seats for the driver with memory, electric sunroof, air conditioning, cruise control and, later, driver airbag or heated seats, which was the basis for the M6 designed for the Canadian market.

The M635CSi/M6 has never been an outright sports car, despite its success on the circuits of the touring car championships. It was an honest GT with a good dose of character. Its quality is first-class and it breathes the atmosphere of the time when the cars were still "mostly iron", which is, however, brought to perfection.


Our M635CSi originates from Spain, where it was bought as a new owner in November 1987, who subsequently sold the vehicle to his friend in 1996. Invelt bought it for the collection from the second owner through a trader in 2014. Since then, the car has been part of the collection. and covered about 1,000 km. The car is fully functional, with all on-board documentation and a complete service history. The varnish is for the most part original, including the original, waxy cavity protection. In total, only 83 M88 cars were produced after the modernization in June 1987, and this is one of them.


  • VIN - WBAEE310001053232
  • Color - Lachssilber Metallic
  • Interior - Walknappa Black leather
  • Market - EUR


  • S291A - BMW LA wheel, cross spoke, 2-section
  • S401A - Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric
  • S510A - Headlight aim control
  • S530A - Air conditioning
  • S687A - Radio preparation
  • L819A - National version Spain
  • S850A - Additional export tank filling
  • S856A - Language version Spanish


  • ES+CZ registration papers
  • Liberty Seguros insurance book
  • M3, M5 and M635CSi catalogues
  • Onboard documents
  • Pioneer Radio documents
  • Service books and documentation
  • BMW System car data
Year of production1986 Mileage185,000 km